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December 18, 2015

How to Choose a Michael Kors Watch for a Loved OneNew York City-based fashion designer Michael Kors offers a wide variety of watches for both women and men. A Michael Kors Watch makes an impressive gift for a loved one for any occasion. Wise shoppers should explore several factors before deciding on which watch to give. The most obvious first consideration is whether the recipient is a man or a woman. Next, think about your loved one's style. Would they prefer a casual watch, or a glitzy dress watch? Would they like a leather watchband, a stainless steel one, or perhaps rose gold? Would they appreciate a chronograph or stopwatch feature? Learning about the options available can help you choose the right Michael Kors watch for your loved one.

Features of Michael Kors Watches

When choosing a Michael Kors watch for your loved one, consider the various features available, including chronographs, a date window, the number of hands, and water resistance. A chronograph watch has a large face with two or three additional dials to use as a stopwatch. One dial measures seconds, another measures minutes, and a third measures hours, offering maximum versatility. A date window allows the wearer to check the current date as well as the time. The date window is a small square display that automatically adjusts to the correct date. Michael Kors watches are available with either two hands, which indicate hours and minutes, or three hands, which add the option to track seconds as well. Water resistance is an important feature if your loved one enjoys water sports or is likely to wear the watch while cooking or doing household chores. If you desire a watch that can safely submerge, look for a waterproof watch.

Michael Kors Watch Bezel Styles

A bezel is grooved ring that holds the watch crystal in place and protects it. The crystal is the clear plastic or glass that covers the watch dial. Many Michael Kors watches come with a plain, stainless steel bezel with a casual, no-nonsense appearance. For a dressier option, choose a bezel with a little more sparkle from crystals or cubic zirconia. Other bezels feature numbers, time stops, or inscribed accents.

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michael kors runway watch MK8281 - EverMK.com
michael kors runway watch MK8281 - EverMK.com
Michael Kors Watches; Get your best Michael Kors Watches
Michael Kors Watches; Get your best Michael Kors Watches
Michael Kors Ladies Runway Watch MK4269
Michael Kors Ladies Runway Watch MK4269
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