Best Watches for Men

October 13, 2014
Best watches for men 2014

Locating a good watch can be very tough, particularly if you are searching for the very best watch out for males, and therefore are in tight budget.

What exactly would be the top watch brands for males? If you're discovering it hard for the greatest watch out for you, among the simplest things is to locate the best brand. If you discover the very best watch brands that provide quality watches at relatively modest cost, you are able to more effectively choose the best watch that actually works for you— a wrist watch that meets your requirements, suits your look, and most importantly, comes affordable.

So, we've put together a listing of a few of the top best watch brands for males that leave the best men’s watches on the planet. We would have liked to talk about exactly the same. Here, we'll discuss the very best watches for males only. Just in case you're searching for the women’s watch reviews, you'll find them here.

Seiko Men’s SNK809 ‘Seiko 5’ Automatic Watch Review

Seiko 5 has set an unparalleled standard using its performance and reliability. Despite the fact that their watches aren't the best choice for precision (with 10-20 seconds of daily deviation, the look and overall appearance make sure they are an absolute must have for watch enthusiasts.

Seiko 5 watches are just like the “Jack of trades” with well rounded features and versatile functionality. The main characteristics that you simply get in Seiko 5 selection of watches are:

1) Automatic winding

2) Day &lifier date displayed on one window

3) Impressive water proofing

The current version, the Seiko Men’s SNK809 Automatic Watch is really a typical Seiko 5 watch. This men’s watch includes innovative and economical functions. Improving reliable and economical movement, Seiko SNK809 is most likely the very best automatic watch available having to break your bank.


  • Sleek design
  • Globally appealing appearance
  • Lightweight and versatile canvas strap
  • 21 jewel automatic movement for precision
  • Three year warranty


  • Casual look, might not work with a proper setting
  • Lack colour options within the strap
  • Relatively low water proofing, not appropriate for adventure searchers

Overall, the Seiko SNK809 Automatic Watch out for Males boasts simplistic, casual design with variety of benefits. From dual language window to automatic movement, this watch has everything that you'll require for any durable and have wealthy watch out for daily use.

Movement – Precision and Reliability

The Seiko Men’s SNK809 Seiko 5 Watch includes a 21 jewel automatic movement which guarantees precision over time. The movement forces entry-level automatic watches and is regarded as a dependable workhorse.

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