Steampunk Pocket Watches

January 6, 2016
This handmade Steampunk

There's just below a thousand steampunk pocket watches available (yes, I counted) even though each of them rocks ! and different in the own way, some pocket watches exceed the phone call of creativeness. Not everybody of those pocket watches are functional for actual timekeeping, but they’re all amazing works of steampunk art jammed right into a small pocket watch style frame.

The Gritty Auto technician Steampunk Pocket Watch

A little of the animal of the piece, this steampunk pocket watch is gritty and greasy and completely industrial. Ideal for any airship auto technician or steam engine engineer. Things I like best relating to this piece is when different it's from other pocket watches. Rather than small gears and glossy shine this watch selects basically to become bold and brave in it’s cumbersome skin of grease and steel.

Photo voltaic Powered Turbine Steampunk Pocket Watch

This silver and gold little marvel winds by way of photo voltaic energy. Now, in the event that isn’t a real display of steampunk resourcefulness i then have no idea what's. Despite how great the timepiece really looks, I've found the primary appeal comes more from caused by trying out technology as opposed to just obtaining a classic pocket watch and prettying up with a few cogs and gears.

1886 Victorian Spy Camera Pocket Watch

Supplying a myriad of excellent steampunk inspiration, this pocket watch doesn't actually tell time but is basically a disguise for any miniature spy camera. Like a precursor to modern spy cameras, this pocket watch camera is an excellent illustration of Victorian times tinkering and gadgetry and, really, it’s simply neat. Regrettably this appears to become unique and it was offered at Bonhams auction for 36.000$ …

Silver Pocket Watch Pendant

This steampunk pocket watch is among the non-functioning jewellery kinds of pieces. While it’s much more of a clockwork pendant than the usual standard pocket watch I couldn’t help but love the fine engraving detail and small clock parts. I additionally discover that the gold beetle around the red-colored glass button constitutes a lovely contrast towards the polished shine from the silver.

Steampunk Octopus Pocket Watch

While you will find a couple of variations of octopus pocket watches available, I can’t resist the need to possess one each time I visit a new design.not working steampunked version It isn't really not probably the most unique steampunk pocket watch when it comes to concept however i discover that it’s among the best octo-watches I have seen. The time face within the watch includes a small window which enables for correct appreciation of intricacies of this time around piece.

16th Century Gun Powder Flask-Sundial Compass Watch

When the Swiss Military made pocket watches rather than knives I believe they'd have develop something like this little gadget. Although it does use “sundial technology” instead of clock parts, this product only agreed to be too superbly crafted not to receive a little of acclaim. It might be a less steamy pocket watch than the others however i think the multi-purposing and clever craftsmanship of the watch offers makes it a location on a minimum of the steampunk inspiration list. Bear in mind this watch was produced around 1590 in Germany. The round powder flask made from rosewood with inlaid and engraved rosette-formed ornaments of brass and bone.

Pocket Watch - Steampunk?
Pocket Watch - Steampunk?
Steampunk Pocket Watch Tag
Steampunk Pocket Watch Tag
How to make a Steampunk pocket watch part 1
How to make a Steampunk pocket watch part 1
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