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August 24, 2015
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Apple Corporation. will start selling the Apple Watch at Target Corp. stores, the most recent third-party store to hold the timepiece.

Target stated on its site that some stores will start selling the timepiece now, using the product in most stores by March. 25, in front of the key holiday sales hurry. The timepiece goes on purchase on the right on March. 18.

Only Apple’s most entry-level watches is going to be offered at Target. The store stated it'll sell 20 types of the timepiece with prices varying from $349 to $599.

After selling the Apple Watch solely in the own stores for many several weeks following its April launch, Apple continues to be continuously growing the amount of merchants transporting the timepiece. It's a strategy that tracks Apple’s history along with other new items, like the iPad. Best To Buy Co. stores started selling the timepiece in August, and Sprint Corp. and T-Mobile US Corporation. now also make it within their stores. Many more compact third-party merchants across Asia and europe sell the timepiece along with other Apple items, the organization stated. Best To Buy and Target have offered the iPad for a long time.

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