Best Mens Watches under 500

October 29, 2019
Best Mens Watches Under 500

Watches For Men Under 0There are certain things that can immediately elevate an outfit from decently fashionable to absolute lady killer. Pocket squares, bracelets, tie clips, and cuff links all give off a certain “I care about the details” appeal to them. But the real head-turner–the one that will have ladies swoon and men wondering what that price tag looked like–is the perfect watch. Of course, you don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like you did. That’s why we had our friends at Life, Tailored put together a list of the best watches you can get to make a statement, without spending every dollar in your wallet.

Danish Design by Franklin Weisz, $250

Here’s the perfect starter watch for anyone new to the fancy-wrist game. It’s simple, it’s stylish, and looks like you paid a lot more than you actually will. Plus the limited color scheme means you can wear it with just about anything, and that’s a great quality in a timepiece.

chrono-gold-franklin-weiszSeiko Dive Watch, 5

Seiko has well over 200 years of experience making extremely capable–yet remarkably affordable–watches. The Dive Watch is no exception, built for a life above or below the waves.

Paul Hewitt Nato Strap Watch, $185.50

This Paul Hewitt watch is for those gentlemen we mentioned in the intro. It has a very classic dial design, plus a navy blue & green strap that gives it a bit of youthfulness and edge.

Danish Design Watch, $249

This beauty from Danish Design is all about simplicity and style. It’s not your ordinary “bling, ” but really a declaration of one’s taste. It will fit in perfectly when worn by a contemporary man who doesn’t follow mainstream trends.

Watches For Men Under 0Kitmen Keung Watch – Long Distance 1.0 Gold Edition, 0

If you like to stand out for all the right reasons, then this watch is definitely a smart investment. With two dials and a very minimal look, this beauty will differentiate you from the crowd.

Braun Watch, $175.25

A typical Braun watch is characterized by a timeless design with no superfluous details. Every feature directly reflects a function. Rooted in over half a century of modern design at Braun, this piece truly reflects the company’s core values of functionality, quality, and aesthetics.

Breytenbach BB7740 Watch, $372.20

This classic piece will blend in with any form of personal style, while standing out with its refined details. Breytenbach is all about the best: best materials, best performance, and all for the best price.

Tissot Tradition Men’s Chrono Quartz Rose, $495

Here’s a contemporary statement with a whisper of vintage style. The Tissot Tradition watch is both ultramodern and includes a hint of nostalgia. The high-tech operation is perfectly balanced with classical details and subtle vintage-look finishes.

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