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November 30, 2014
Assortment of vintage
Watch Repair Tool Open KitWatch Open Package

Waterproof / water-resistant watch situation opener using its four pin holder. This opener and holder set will open about 90% of all of the screw back watch cases around. Also incorporated may be the snap style watch situation opener.

#WT1 - $29

Rolex watch Opener

Hands held opener for Rolex watch watch cases. This opener comes with six dies using the dimensions of 29.50mm + 28.30mm + 26.50mm + 22.50mm + 20.20mm + and 18.50mm

#WT2 - $39

Watch Very Back Press

Glass fitting press for fitting mineral watch deposits. Also employed for pressing lower on persistent snap watch backs when changing batteries. Includes 12 dies.

#WT3 - $25

Watch Holder

This can be a clamp-able watch holder that can help in getting rid of a screw off back. The 4 hooks about this unit are adjustable to look at situation dimensions.

Watch Repair Tool Rolex Opener#WT4 -

Watch Opener

Waterproof watch opener opens about 90% of waterproof watches available. Possess the watch guaranteed with a holder and complement the nubs within the tool towards the holes at the back of the timepiece.

#WT5 -

Situation Knife

Perfect size for opening snap back watch cases. The handle material can vary between wood and plastic.

#WT6 - $3

Very Cement


Magnetizer Demagnetizer

It is simple to use and incredibly effective. Stick the tool through it and also the tool has become magnetized. Try it again and also the tool has become demagnetized. Is effective using the Multi-tip screwdriver.

Watch Repair Tool Back Press#WT8 -

Poly Watch

Removes scratches from plastic deposits. You place some poly watch on some cloth and wipe the very scratches away from the plastic very.


5 key Watch Key Set

Two of 5 prong pocket watch key set. This covers 10 dimensions of the very most common size secrets required for key wound pocket watches.

#WT10 -

Pin Vise Set

Group of 4 pin vises with capabilities from .0mm to 4.65mm. Very helpful to carry watch tools for example cutting broaches in order to hold stems.


Link Tool Resource

This is among the most widely used system for getting rid of push hooks from metal watch bands. Along side it from the watch 35mm slides in to the wooden slots after which make use of the pin using the small hammer to get rid of the timepiece band links.

#WT12 - $12

Hands Remover

Removes hands inside a straight upward motion in order to not bend them. This style remover is the best for bigger watches. When the hands aren't drawn off straight, when you attend place them back on they'll frequently be too loose. This really is from tugging off sideways and making the hands hole bigger.

Watch Repair Tool Holder#WT13 -

Presto Hands Remover

This hands puller is perfect for watch size watches. The more compact the timepiece the greater you'll need a hands puller tool because the hands hole is definitely altered.

#WT14 - $11

Micrometer -25mm

Micrometer Reading through - 25 mm. It can be used for a lot of calculating tasks in watch and clock repair.

#WT15 - $15

Movement Holder

Holds a number of actions safely throughout overhaul from the watch movement. The pegs are movable from hole to hole for that perfectly modified fit.

#WT16 - $19

Parts Organizer

Small part containers with detachable glass caps. Is available in a aluminum box with 24 from the small containers using the glass tops there.

#WT17 - $12

Watch Organizer 18pc

18 containers which are aluminum with friction fit covers which have solid glass tops. They are great to keep watch actions and you may see what is incorporated in the containers becuase from the glass. The containers are 1 13/16 across and are available inside a nice wood box to carry the containers.

#WT38 - $24

Very Remover

It would be to open front opening watches that need the plastic very to become removed to obtain the movement out. There's not one other method of getting the movement in some watches without it tool.

#WT19 - $20

Spring Bar Tool
Watch Repair Tool Case Knife Watch Repair Tool Crystal Cement Clock Repair Tools Watch Repair Key Set
Watch Repair Tool Stainless Steel Pointed Tweezer
Watch Repair Tool Stainless Steel Pointed Tweezer
Watch repair tool set review. From
Watch repair tool set review. From
13-piece Watch Repair Tool Kit | Shopping
13-piece Watch Repair Tool Kit | Shopping ...
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