Timex Watch Repair

April 25, 2017
Vintage TIMEX Ladies Wind Up

Lately, my spouse unintentionally got water in her own Timex watch. Despite the fact that it should be water-resistant against 50 meters (~165 foot), which will be a pressure well over 65 psi, it got waterlogged with only a fast trip in to the shower… Unsure how that actually works. This needed me using the back away of her watch after which changing Timex watch back. I heard her enter in the shower and never a minute later say oh shoot (unlike me, she rarely swears), after which set the timepiece lower outdoors the shower. I saw water underneath the very.

In here, I’ll discuss getting rid of the timex watch back after which, more to the point, changing timex watch back. I am not sure the way the professional watch repair places get it done, however i think of the possess a special tool for changing timex watch back. Really, exactly the same tool is most likely employed for all watches which have the rear pressed on instead of either being screwed on or held up with screws. A number of my “scuba diver” watches had the screwed on situation. The present watch I put on has got the back that come with four small screws with the back plate in to the primary plate.

Before you decide to take away the back, I highly recommend you determine if you possess the necessary tools to ensure that changing the timex watch back doesn’t mean visiting the store and getting another person get it done. The secret for this is you require a “cup” that you could lay the timepiece in, face lower to ensure that the rim from the cup doesn't touch the very NOR will it touch the stem. I made use of the cap off a shampoo or conditioner bottle as my cup. It was not perfect, however it labored, none the less.

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