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May 26, 2016
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From Batteries to Bands: How to Maintain a Movado WatchMovado has manufactured watches since 1881 when the organization started creating its classic watches in La Chaux-p-Fonds, Europe. The organization provides a large type of classic yet modern watch styles. However, Movado watches are legendary for the museum dial that includes a single us dot in the twelve o'clock position, which represents the sun's rays at noon. Artist Nathan George Horwitt first produced the legendary minimalist watch face for Movado in 1947, also it continues to be focal point of numerous Movado collection watches today. Movado develops its classic watches for durability. To ensure that Movado watches to get treasured treasures open to future decades, proper maintenance remains essential.

Kinds of Movado Watches

Movado manufactures a range of watch collections, including women's, men's, and unisex models. While a number of these collections feature the minimalist Museum dial, others offer classical watch faces.



Amorosa, Bela, Bold, Cerena, Concerto, Moda, Movado Us dot, Rondiro Small

Circa, Datron, Fiero, Luno Sport, Museum Sport, Azure Synergy, SE Extreme, SE Pilot, Verto, Vizio

Faceto, Movado TC Thin Classic, Museum, Red-colored Label, Azure, Series 800, Serio

Maintaining Movado Watches

To help keep a Movado watch in good shape, some maintenance remains necessary. Careful utilization of Movado watches enables the classic watches to remain in condition for many years.

Water Proofing

Movado manufactures water-resistant watches however, timepieces aren't completely waterproof. Therefore, avoid putting on the timepiece while taking a shower, swimming, bathing, or employing a steam sauna. Likewise, exercise caution and steer clear of connection with agents for example cleaning soap, product, and shampoo, which might damage the timepiece situation.


With daily put on, watch bands grow dirty. Perspiration, shed skin cells, along with other materials one contacts during the day finish on the timepiece band. Periodic cleaning removes grime. To wash the timepiece, carefully take away the band in the watch face and soak it in tepid to warm water having a mild, non-corrosive cleaning soap. Likewise, it's possible to carefully remove grime and muck having a moist, soft cloth. Completely air dry the timepiece band after cleaning.

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Watch Repair & Jewelry Repair Services by Gray & Sons Jewelers
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