Caravelle Watches

February 24, 2019
Vintage Caravelle Watches

Caravelle by Bulova

Bulova Caravelle watches hold a special place in the history of modern watch making, and in the history of American watches in particular. Emerging over forty years ago, they were among the first affordably-priced luxury watches to hit the American market. In the decades since, they have retained their appeal and their reputation for quality.

During the 1960s, most of the fine timepieces on the market were accessible only to the upper echelon of society. Indeed, only a select few could afford to spend thousands of dollars on a fancy wristwatch. A new line of Bulova watches was developed in an effort to change this.

The History of Bulova Caravelle Watches
During the early 1960s, Bulova Caravelle watches hit the market. The brand was already popular in the United States, and had a loyal fan base eagerly awaiting its newest design. What consumers could not predict, however, was that the next line of Bulova watches would be jewel encrusted timepieces of unmatched opulence.

Better still, was that the Caravelle line was priced to sell. Specifically, for the first time ever, people had access to a jeweled watch that sold for nearly the same price as its everyday, unadorned counterparts. The combination of beauty and affordability struck a chord with the American public, making the Bulova Caravelle watches among the most popular in U.S. history.

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