Replacement Watch Bands

April 25, 2019
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Your Guide to Choosing a Replacement Leather Watch StrapWhenever a watch strap goes away or breaks, lots of people think that they have to buy a completely new watch. Simply by changing the timepiece strap, however, you are able to rapidly improve your watch making it look new again. Buying a brand new watch strap is another simple method to change design for a classic watch completely. Individuals having a leather watch strap cost nothing to test out a number of different colors, textures, and clasp types. No matter the main reason you need to replace your leather watch strap, you will find a couple of steps to consider to obtain the correct one.

Determine the timepiece Strap Size

To make sure you find the appropriate strap for the watch, you have to determine the watch's needed strap size. If you've still got your old watch strap, see if the dimensions is imprinted within the strap. Otherwise, then you definitely must appraise the carry width of the watch. Do that by calculating the space between your lugs around the watch, what are two horn-like parts that protrude in the bottom and top from the watch. Watch bands are sized in millimeters, therefore if your calculating device only measures inches, you will want to transform this measurement.



1/4 inch

6 mm

5/16 inch

8 mm

3/8 inch

10 mm

15/32 inch

12 mm

1/2 inch

13 mm

9/16 inch

14 mm

19/32 inch

15 mm

5/8 inch

16 mm

21/32 inch

17 mm

11/16 inch

18 mm

3/4 inch

19 mm

25/32 inch

20 mm

13/16 inch

21 mm

7/8 inch

22 mm

15/16 inch

24 mm

After transforming, take note of this measurement, because this is the strap size your watch requires. The most typical leather watch strap dimensions are between 22 mm and 18 mm.

Determine Your Preferred Watch Strap Length

Now you be aware of strap size needed to suit your watch, discover the strap length that matches your wrist. Should you never needed to adjust a leather watch strap previously, then it's most likely safe to buy a "regular" length strap. Knowing that the arms are particularly petite or large, however, then you should try taking some dimensions.

If you've still got your old watch strap, also it fits easily, then make use of this for the dimensions. Only appraise the leather strap, not the buckle, from finish to finish on every side. Add these values together to obtain the total length.

Men's Measures

Total Length


6 1/two to seven 1/4 inches


7 1/4 to 7 3/4 inches

European Standard

7 3/4 to eight inches


8 to eight 3/4 inches


8 3/4 to 9 1/4 inches


9 1/4 inches or even more

You should keep in mind that a typical strap length differs for males and ladies.

Women's Measures

6 1/five to six 1/2 "

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