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February 24, 2017
March 18, 2011

We're able to debate the merits of putting on an ipod device nano like a watch before the cows get home, but odds are the disadvantages won’t dissuade the devoted Apple enthusiast anyway, what exactly say we simply get to the process of locating the perfect watchband accessory?

The Challengers

I’m thinning my focus to simply two challengers for that title of top ipod device nano watchband, reason because others I’ve attempted didn’t compare when it comes to performance and quality. It may also help that both iWatchz (don’t request me how you can pronounce that) Q Collection and also the Minimal TikTok are roughly exactly the same cost ($24.95 and $34.95 correspondingly) and share similar design concepts (as you can tell within the gallery below).

The iWatchz Q Collection is among two nano wrist bands presently available through Apple retail, and it is also available at Best To Buy locations. The TikTok, however, is really a Kickstarter-funded project presently only accessible for pre-order from LunaTik.com. According to looks alone, you’d be pardoned for thinking the 2 are virtually exactly the same, but you’d be also very wrong.

Design and make

These two nano straps share a reasonably similar design. There is a notched silicone band mounted on a plastic holder for the nano. The Q’s nano clip consists of a skinny bit of plastic, as the TikTok includes a thicker and a little more flexible plastic mount to maintain your ipod device in position.

But when you are a glance at both close-up, the variations are instantly apparent. The iWatchz Q has all of the key points of the mass-created product, with poorly finished surfaces around the plastic parts that feel rough enough to potentially scratch skin. One rater in the Apple Store online even noted that he’d used a Dremel tool to fix this oversight themself in your own home, and checking other models in-store at both Apple and finest Buy, I discovered the issue to become not even close to a 1-off.

The TikTok, however, informs the storyline of their design chops within the attention compensated to suit and finished. Minimal founder Scott Wilson isn’t a new comer to the timepiece game, getting labored with Nike on it is time pieces, and that he were built with a submit the redesign from the Xbox 360 360 and it is Kinect peripheral. As the TikTok is a touch more understated compared to new search for Microsoft’s console, the variations in craftsmanship between nano straps are simple to place for the sporadic observer.

Source: gigaom.com
LunaTik Watch Band for the iPod nano
LunaTik Watch Band for the iPod nano
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HEX Watch Band for iPod nano 6g
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Minimal Tik Tok iPod nano watch band review
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