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November 27, 2015

How to Properly Clean a Breitling WatchMany people consider purchasing a Breitling watch as an investment, because they are quite costly. Like Rolex watches, Breitling watches are a status symbol for those who wear them, and most Breitling owners strive to take good care of their watches so they have them for years to come. Breitling recommends taking its watches to a Breitling retailer or authorized maintenance center for maintenance and cleaning every four or five years; two to three if you submerge your watch in water frequently. This service may set you back several hundred dollars or more, but there are some things you can do between services to keep your watch looking new.

Supplies for Cleaning a Breitling Watch

Most likely, you already have the supplies needed to clean your watch at home, so it really is just a matter of gathering the necessary tools. Although some watch owners prefer to purchase ultrasonic cleaners, you can use less expensive tools and still get great results.



Soft toothbrush

Gently remove dirt, oil, and grime

Gentle soap

Break down dirt and oil

Cotton cloth

Dry and polish metal watch parts

Leather care products

Protect and clean

You can find other products, such as Simichrome polish, for sale online, but plain old soap and water does the trick perfectly. If you like to clean your watches regularly, putting together a small watch cleaning kit containing these items allows you to be prepared to clean your watch at all times.

Watch Cleaning Preparation

The first step in preparing to clean a Breitling watch is to fill a small bowl or basin with warm water. If the watch has a leather watch band, remove the band prior to cleaning. It is possible to spot clean a Breitling with a leather band, but for a thorough cleaning, just remove the band so you can submerge the metal watch parts. While the leather band is off, you can clean and condition it as well. Once your bowl is about half full, add a small amount of mild soap, such as Softsoap hand soap or evendish soap.

Clean Your Breitling Watch

Dip the clean toothbrush in the soapy water and begin scrubbing your watch band to loosen the dirt and oil. Rinse the brush from time to time as you clean your band, and make sure you bend the links back and forth as you scrub to get both sides and in between the links. You should also scrub the watch's clasp to remove any dirt and residue. Once both sides of the band and the clasp are clean, scrub around the face of the watch gently, both front and back. Now, rinse the watch in clean, warm water, and then dry thoroughly.

How to spot a fake Breitling watch.(Side by side comparison)
How to spot a fake Breitling watch.(Side by side comparison)
LG urbane watch with stainless steel band
LG urbane watch with stainless steel band
breitling watch Model F56062 with titanium wrist band
breitling watch Model F56062 with titanium wrist band
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