Mickey Mouse Pocket Watch

October 10, 2015
Mickey Mouse pocket watch

Example of a fake watchWhen I started collecting Mickey Mouse pocket watches 30 years ago there wasn't a great deal of demand so you could often demand a great deal. With the Internet and eBay it only got better, I was able to purchase hundreds of watches for far less than retail. Some time over the past few years others began to discover the pleasure of collecting these charming watches and the real deals are gone, often getting a watch at MSRP is the bargain today as most watches sell for much more.
As the demand for MM watches increased so did prices. Certain "entrepreneurs" began manufacturing their own "rare" MM watches. These watches are indeed rare because they were never made by a licensed manufacturer of a Disney watch. These persons will locate cheap pocket watches such as old Ingersolls or Westclox pocket Ben watches or even new cheap Chinese pocket watches and dismantle them, print out dials on their inkjet or laser printers and paste them over the factory dial, reassemble them and pass them off as something rare and valuable. In reality these watches are worth no more than $25 or $30, the typical going rate for a working Ingersoll or pocket Ben. The Chinese watches are worth even less.
Back when you could purchase watches for less than $25 or even as low as $7 (my best deal) purchasing a counterfeit watch wasn't such a big deal, the value of the watch itself may be equal to the purchase price. But today, every time I log in I see 3 or 4 bogus watches being sold often for more than $500. I won't be taken by these people and you shouldn't be either, this guide will give you everything you need to know to identify a fake Mickey Mouse pocket watch. Much of this advice will work for wrist watches as well.
1) Licensed MM watches from the 30's through the 60's will have an Ingersoll trademark on them. Later watches will have a Disney trademark label on them. If you can't find a trademark its a fake.
2) From 1933 to 1946 Ingersoll was the ONLY licensed manufacturer of MM watches. The original watch features Mickey in balloon pants with his hands as the watch hands. Between his feet was a tiny wheel for the second hand where 3 tiny Mickeys chased each other as the wheel turned. All US watches featured this look. There was one UK watch with a similar appearance that lacked the second hand dial. All of these watches were made under the Ingersoll license, had Mickey stamped in the case and had an Ingersoll trademark. US Time (Timex) bought Ingersoll in chunks between 1942 and 1951. In 1946 US Time produced MM wrist watches under the Keyton brand name, pocket watches remained Ingersoll.

Source: www.ebay.com
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