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October 7, 2015
Best Digital Watches Under
Casio Classic Digital Watch

Casio Classic Digital Watch

Based in Tokyo, japan and established within the nineteen forties, Casio is definitely an electronics brand which has a lot of diverse choices from hand calculators to watches (you most likely had certainly one of their keyboards whenever you were a child). Within the eighties, they launched their first digital watch, and that one feels decidedly retro, such as the type of watch the jerk within an 80s movie would put on. It's not necessary to become a jerk, to put on it, though—with its gold-well developed stainless and backlit digital display which includes the date, time, and alarm and stop-watch features, you are able to accomplish it, whatever your temperament is.

Casio Rose Gold Watch

Casio Rose Gold WatchAnother solid offering from Casio, this stainless rose gold watch is a bit more refined compared to one above, having a slimmer band. Still it has got the features from the regular Casio, though, meaning it's backlight, alarm, and stop-watch features, and it is water-resistant (your Apple Watch can’t state that, will it?).

NOOKA K Digital Display Watch

If you wish to don a discussion piece, get this ultra-light watch from New york city-based NOOKA. Its title (“K”) originates from japan word “kei, ” meaning “light”—and at 1.5 oz ., they’re not kidding.NOOKA K Digital Display Watch However the watch’s lighter-than-air characteristics aren’t what’s likely to spark up attorney at law, its face that utilizes bars to show time instead of hands will.

Nixon Time Teller Digi Watch

Because the late the nineteen nineties, California-based Nixon has turned into a brand noted for creating quality, slightly off-kilter watches and add-ons. Time Teller Watch is constructed of rugged silicone and available in a number of colors. The watch’s digital display can also be fully easy to customize, so that you can decide regardless of whether you want would like to see hrs, minutes, seconds or include the date.

Nixon Time Teller Digi WatchNixon Unit 40 Watch

Another offering from Nixon, the all-black Unit 40 Watch provides a unique modular face, giving each digital number it’s own slot, that is a positive thing, because there’s lots of amounts about this sucker, including time, date, and temperature (yep, it features a built-in thermometer).

Braun Black Digital Watch

The Swiss always get credit to make the very best watches, however, you can’t understate classic German craftsmanship, that is featured in most from the watches Braun produces. With this particular sleek, advanced black digital watch, Braun provides you with the feel of a smartwatch without all the applications (that is a positive thing within this situation). The very face shows all that you should know—what time that it is—and the real leather strap means business.

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