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March 17, 2016
Walk Style Step Counter Watch

Apple-Watch-FitnessThe Apple Watch is a beautiful piece of kit with ground-breaking functionality and UI, but lost in all the shouting is a simple question: how is it as a fitness tracker, which is the core function of most smart watches? The answer is: pretty good, if you take some care.

CNET took that care and . Out of the box, reporter Dan Graziano found, step counter overestimated the number of steps taken by about 10 percent, which is about the same as a Fitbit Charge and significantly less accurate than the Garmin Vivosmart, which was less than 1 percent off. But when you take the time to calibrate your Watch — the steps for which he documents — accuracy improves to a 0.3 percent variance, far more accurate than any other smart watch or activity tracker.

Calibration requires a 20-minute walk outside. If you can’t manage that. maybe you need an activity tracker more than you think, and exactitude in step counting isn’t your biggest fitness problem.

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HEATHER gets her aerobics UNITARD with a step counter she
HEATHER gets her aerobics UNITARD with a step counter she ...
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