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May 20, 2015
Concord C1 Quantum Gravity

Hublot Classic Fusion Haute JoaillerieWe have all experienced sticker shock while perusing the world’s most costly watches. You will find a couple of brands that six-figure prices would be the norm — “expensive watches” by almost anyone’s definition. But a number of luxury watches go well past “pricey” and in to the rarefied “million dollar watch” category, i.e., costing greater than $a million. We’ve put together eight from the world’s most costly watches, all smashing the $a million ceiling, where the only things grander compared to complications would be the prices.

What’s probably the most you’ve ever compensated (or considered having to pay) to have an costly watch? Tell us within the comments section below!

The Hublot Classic Fusion Haute Joaillerie “ Million, ” restricted to only eight pieces, makes its million cost using the 1, 185 baguette diamonds covering every top of the watch, in the situation and bracelet towards the openworked dial.Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor For that situation alone, a 15-person team needed to perform 1, 800 hrs of cutting and 200 hrs of dimensional checking and qc. Certainly probably the most costly watches available by Hublot.

Billion Dollar Watches: Hublot Classic Fusion Haute Joaillerie “$1 Million”

The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor finds its method to the million-dollar watches list because of its situation, that is made entirely of plastic (based on the brand, the very first such watch available), a fabric with half the load of titanium and 4 occasions the hardness. The Quatour — yes, probably the most costly watch created up to now by Roger Dubuis — is outfitted using the RD101 movement, notable because of its four sprung balances, which operate in pairs to pay for that results of gravity considerably faster than the usual tourbillon would, producing a better watch. The Excalibur Quatuor is listed at a million Swiss francs (which means roughly around $1, 125Thousand U.S.).

Billion Dollar Watches: Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor

The includes a retail cost of One Dollar, 474, 070. The timepiece boasts 1, 300 parts, which will make it able to play the whole Large Ben chiming sequence. It had been launched in '09 included in the Hybris Mechanica 55 trilogy, a trio of very costly watches that composed 55 complications altogether.

Source: www.watchtime.com
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